Diaper Sushi Takumi

AWAWA Corporation(Tokushima)

Sushi is synonymous with celebratory events in Japan. Using this custom as inspiration, Diaper Sushi creates sets containing useful items for new mothers, all wrapped in a charming sushi-like shape. Disposable diapers take the roll of the rice, while an Imabari brand towel is placed instead of tuna, a cellulose sponge becomes an omelet, a striped bib camouflages as a piece of shrimp, and so on. A baby rattle in the form of Shishamo Neko, a popular cat-meets-spirinchus fish mascot in Tokushima prefecture, is also included. For a fun and practical gift set to celebrate a new life, look no further than this Tokushima-born creation!

AWAWA Corporation
2019 Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Set contents:
- 15 pieces of diaper sushi
(Sushi rice: disposable diaper; Sushi ingredients: Various useful goods, pickled ginger, dividers, garnish, soy sauce bottle)
*Size of disposable diaper: Pampers S size (tape type) (for babies around 2 to 6 months old)
- Shishamo Neko baby rattle
- Wooden sushi-oke tub (with lid)
JPY14,545 (excluding tax)
*JPY15,999 with tax and shipping included (shipping rate differs for Hokkaido and Okinawa)