HIMAWARIDOU tea and coffee pot

Kyoshin Kabushiki Kaisha (Chiba)

The HIMAWARIDOU tea and coffee pot is a kind of Tokoname-ware, a form of pottery that is a nationally designated traditional Japanese craft. This tea and coffee pot, known as “kyusu,” is essential to the tea culture in Japan, with the majority made into Tokoname-ware. The porous nature of the Tokoname-ware pot allows it to absorb plenty of air, resulting in a mellow and flavorful tea. Building on this unique feature, it has been ingeniously adapted to suit modern lifestyles, now serving as a versatile coffee brewing tool.
By absorbing coffee impurities and fully extracting coffee oil, which is the key to flavor and aroma, it brings out richness and aroma that cannot be achieved with paper drip methods. It doesn’t need filters or drippers, making it paperless, environmentally friendly and economical. Moreover, it is designed to brew a generous two servings in a large mug. Leaving it in the refrigerator overnight results in delicious cold brew coffee.
HIMAWARIDOU hopes that this user-friendly, specially designed pot can make tea and coffee time more meaningful by adding a little bit of happiness to everyone’s day.

Kyoshin Kabushiki Kaisha (千葉県市川市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


Three colors in total
– Matt black
– Cobalt blue
– Black

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JPY10,000 (excluding tax)