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Enishingu Sake Sales (Enishingu Entertainment, Inc.) (Tokyo)

The authentic imo shochu (made with sweet potato) is produced by Imoaraizaka Kakaricho, a multitalented Japanese actor, comedian, stage director and picture book author who took charge of the entire production from harvesting, washing and sorting of potatoes to label designing. The product name conveys the hope that customers can have a good time with great company and delicious drink.
Teaming up with Kamikawa Shuzo, a brewery in Kanoya City in Kagoshima Prefecture, the shochu is made with “Kogane Sengan” sweet potato grown in Kyushu, domestic rice malt and spring water sourced from Mount Takakuma range. Thanks to the brewery’s proprietary blending technique that creates a perfect harmony of the mild taste unique to sweet potatoes, the rich taste of black koji (malted rice) and the subtle aroma of the white koji, the shochu has a crisp taste with refreshing aroma that you never get tired of. You can enjoy it with cold water, hot water, on the rocks or soda. It also goes well with any dish and enhances the flavors of the food. Recommended to even those who are not accustomed to drinking imo shochu.

Enishingu Sake Sales (Enishingu Entertainment, Inc.) (東京都目黒区)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Two kinds
– 720 ml
– 1800 ml

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‘- 720 ml JPY1,800 (excluding tax)
– 1800 ml JPY3,400 (excluding tax)