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Hevn tokyo J PUBLIC Co.,Ltd (Chiba)

This harness (body ring) is specially designed for small dogs to be used when going out and taking walks. Harnesses are recommended over collars for small dogs because their neck bones are weaker than those of medium and large size dogs. However, most products on the market have multiple adjuster slides attached to the straps, which tend to hit the dog’s groin when walking. It is also hard to position and remove the harness. In addition, when it is worn over dog clothing, the harness straps overlap the clothing and make the harness look unattractive. For those reasons, the company devised and patented a harness made of cowhide leather, which can hold the dog’s body firmly without using any adjuster slides and can be easily matched with any dog clothing. The harness is produced 100% domestically.
This harness is very easy to put on. First, put the narrow side of the two parts in front and put the front leg through and fasten the Velcro on the back. Next, check the position of the neck and the torso, then finely adjust the position of the parts, firmly tighten the four screws on the left and right with the attached plate. This is almost like a custom-made fit. It’s the only dog harness that can finely adjust the angle. In addition, the inside of the harness is cushioned; therefore, it is gentle on dogs’ skin and results in a stress-free walk.

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5 sizes
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– S
– M
– L
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‘- XS JPY39,000
– S JPY40,400
– M JPY42,000
– L JPY43,800
– XL JPY45,800
(All excluding tax)