Forest scent

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The Forest Scent is a room fragrance mist made solely from distilled water extracted from Noto Hiba cypress. The environmentally friendly product does not contain any synthetic chemicals or alcohol, and can be recommended even for people who seek 100% natural products.
Noto Hiba cypress contains an abundance of hinokitiol, a natural ingredient that repels pest insects and bacteria. The durable wood is also often used as building material for shrines, temples and houses thanks to its moisture and decay-resistant properties. The wood is also utilized as the basis for Wajima lacquerware, Ishikawa prefecture’s renowned traditional craft. The fragrance of Noto Hiba has a comforting effect that calms anxiety, so it is great for use in a wide range of settings from relaxing at home to welcoming guests.
As part of its social contribution activities, the company makes effective use of scraps that result during the process of manufacturing building materials, and creates woodwork products at a job assistance facility for persons with disabilities in Noto. This Noto Hiba product was born in response to the recent Oku-Noto earthquake which damaged Noto Hiba forests, driving the wish to reduce material waste and contribute to the preservation of the forests. The package is designed so the Noto Peninsula resembles a dragon head, depicting the mystical dragon basking in the pleasant aroma of the forest.

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities

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‘- 30 mL JYP900 (excluding tax)
– 1000 mL JPY3,200 (excluding tax)