FAB.(dot) Cuddle Silk Leather Combination Tote


The tote bag fusing Japanese and Western styles is made by combining natural leather with Nishijin-ori fabric, a traditional textile of Kyoto. Instead of printing patterns and designs onto fabrics, Nishijin-ori is a valuable jacquard fabric that weaves in patterns, and can only be woven 1 meter per hour. Utilizing the traditional techniques of Nishijin-ori textile, the original fabric Cuddle Silk was created by using silk as warp and recycled polyester as weft. The company supports the SDGs, a challenge in this modern society, by promoting the project to carry forward the traditional weaving culture into the future. The use of biodegradable silk and recycled polyester is a concrete example in this endeavor.
Cuddle Silk fabric is recognizable from its beautiful sheen, three-dimensional appearance and huggable soft texture. The fabric is joined with Japan-produced real leather by the hands of Japanese artisans to create this unique product. The eclectic design mixing Japanese and Western styles through the combination of different materials will add a hint of spice to your everyday life.
The brand name “FAB.(dot)” is derived from the dots on punched cards used in the design of Nishijin-ori. The company aims to open up new possibilities for this traditional culture through freely combining various materials and introducing the traditional weaving culture of Japan to the world.

FAB.(dot) (HOBY CORPORATION) (東京都渋谷区)

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2023 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Size S only


5 colors total
– Candy Mint
– Shadow light
– Candy Soda
– Circus Swing
– Multi Classic

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JPY15,000 (excluding tax)