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“Ashifumi kenkolife” is a health device that allows for easy foot-pedaling exercises while seated. It was developed to prevent reduced blood flow caused by prolonged sitting. Reduced blood flow can lead to conditions such as lower back pain, sensitivity to cold, and lifestyle-related diseases. In recent years, research from various countries has highlighted the risks of prolonged sitting and its negative impact on health. It is said that blood flow can drop by 70% after sitting for 30 minutes, whereas foot-pedaling exercises can efficiently deliver blood (oxygen and nutrients) throughout the body.
This product utilizes the principle of a cycloid curve, enabling effective foot movement with minimal effort without the use of electricity or motors so there is minimal burden on the feet. It allows the user to move their hip joints like walking while seated, which also helps to relax the leg and waist muscles. A major advantage is its ease of use, making it an effortless daily habit. Weighing only 1.6kg and compact in size, it is convenient to carry around. Crafted by skilled artisans, the device is made from aromatic Oguni cedar solid wood, with meticulous attention given to each piece during the manufacturing process. It can support blood flow care in different settings, such as combatting the lack of exercise due to prolonged desk work or assisting in rehabilitation from the aftereffects of a stroke.

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Three types in total
– Standard
– Grooved
– Grooved with built-in measuring device

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‘- Standard JPY20,000
– Grooved JPY25,454
– Grooved with built-in measuring device JPY36,181
(All excluding tax)