AVVERA Sensitive Skin Solution - Seamless Organic Cotton

Ishikawa Giken Co., Ltd. (Shiga)

AVVERA is a factory brand of environmentally and skin friendly products using high-quality unstained materials made with 100% organic cotton, operated by Ishikawa Giken, a manufacturer of domestic and international apparels based in Hikone city, Shiga Prefecture. The “Sensitive Skin Solution – Seamless Organic Cotton” is an underwear made with original fabric woven only with fine #80 thread created from ultimate pima, a rare organic cotton variety, and manufactured with specialized machinery and processing. By reducing irritation on the skin to the absolute minimum, the underwear is stress-free even for people with fragile or sensitive skin. Originally a sewing factory, the company started the AVVERA brand specializing in organic cotton when they learned of the people who suffer from atopic dermatitis. Determined to provide 100% organic cotton clothing that can be safely worn by people with skin troubles such as allergies, sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis, the company spent about nine years developing the original fabric that is light and soft as silk, with comfortable stretchiness. While the fabric itself is extremely gentle on the skin, the company went even further to develop a special processing technique of bonding fabrics without using thread. By minimizing any bumps resulting from stitching or layering, the seamless fabric further reduces stress and friction on the skin.
From the materials to the fabric and processing, the product makes every effort to minimize skin irritation in all aspects in order to support and offer a solution to people with skin troubles.

Ishikawa Giken Co., Ltd. (滋賀県彦根市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


2 types total
– Tank top type
Ladies’ size: 2 sizes total (S-M, M-L)
Men’s size: 2 sizes total (M-L, L-XL)

– Short sleeve type
Ladies’ size: 3 sizes total (S, M, L)
Men’s size: 3 sizes total (S, M, L)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Tank top type JPY8,909 (excluding tax)
– Short sleeve type JPY12,546 (excluding tax)