Green papaya enzyme

Sun-O International Inc. (Gifu)

Known as the “king of enzymes,” green papaya is a rich source of dietary antioxidants and contains rare enzymes that help decompose the three macronutrients. This food product is made by fermenting green papayas with a proprietary yeast to further enhance their effects.
Having succeeded in green papaya food fermentation in 1969, Sun-O International Inc. is a pioneer in the industry. Production is carried out in an environment that is as close to nature as possible without refining, extraction or other processing, and no preservatives or other additives are used to maximize the potential of the green papayas. Aiming at creating a sustainable business that guarantees good taste and safety, the company uses organically grown green papayas while committed to preserve the natural environment.
“Green papaya enzyme” is designed to reach the intestines without being affected by stomach acid or heat and helps regulate the balance of the intestinal flora. It also boosts your metabolism and activates the immune system to support the body’s self-healing mechanism that attempts to restore health.
The product contains about 3.5 times more enzymes than green papaya itself. Since its development, its effectiveness has been published in more than 130 academic papers in Japan and abroad.
Created by the popular textile brand SOU SOU in Kyoto, the package featuring green papayas is infused with Japanese modern design and has been received well by people of all ages. The product has a simple sweet taste and comes in granulate form that dissolves quickly in your mouth. The individual package is convenient to carry around and allows you to enjoy it anytime, anywhere while offering several benefits for maintaining health.

Sun-O International Inc. (岐阜県岐阜市)

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90g (3 g x 30 sachets)

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JPY6,300 (excluding tax)