Chinese ladle and spatula

Yamagi industry Co., Ltd. (Niigata)

These lightweight and user-friendly Chinese ladles and spatulas have been ingeniously designed to enable cooking in home kitchens akin to that of professional Chinese chefs. This innovative concept was born from user feedback expressing a desire for authentic utensils while preparing Chinese cuisine at home. Although iron ladles have been a staple in Chinese cooking, they necessitate pre-seasoning and oiling prior to use, and susceptibility to rust during storage can be problematic. To address these challenges, the decision was made to utilize stainless steel, renowned for its lighter weight, enhanced rust resistance, and easier maintenance in comparison to iron. Despite possessing a marginally smaller head diameter of 95 mm when contrasted with commercial ladles, these ladles are manufactured employing identical processes and craftsmanship to ensure an equivalent level of strength. The overall configuration remains unaltered, while the handle boasts a user-friendly wooden composition. The versatile ladle is suitable for a range of culinary tasks such as stir-frying, scooping, mixing, crushing, and serving.
The Chinese spatula is extremely valuable when dealing with dishes prone to sticking to the pot, such as dumplings, or for tasks requiring the lifting or flipping of ingredients. It is slightly smaller than its commercial counterpart, is crafted from lightweight stainless steel, and features a wooden handle.
Since its establishment in 1957, Yamagi I ndustry has had an unwavering commitment to crafting utensils cherished by users. Its mission is to continue providing kitchen and dining utensils that enhance culinary experiences and impart a sense of delight to every meal.

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Two types in total
– Home-use Chinese ladle
– Home-use Chinese spatula

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‘- Home-use Chinese ladle JPY860 (excluding tax)
– Home-use Chinese spatula JPY840 (excluding tax)