Umemorisushi school

UMEMORI HONTEN Kabushiki Kaisha (Nara)

Umemori Sushi School provides authentic tenigiri-style sushi making courses for people of any age and experience. Their welcoming staff explain each step with care, making sure everyone can follow, while also teaching the correct names for each item in Japanese. It’s a fun and lively experience that is more than “just” a lesson. It becomes a cherished memory with friends and family — both new and old. Guests can learn something new from skilled professionals and also enjoy a delicious sushi meal at the end of it. The honkaku course includes instruction on making eight typical hand-pressed, or tenigiri sushi pieces that are often found at high-class sushi joints around Japan. From measuring the rice perfectly to ensuring the shari (sushi topping) is correctly placed, guests will become tenigiri sushi pros in no time. Additional menu items can be added to turn your dish into a sumptuous feast. Try traditional Japanese favorites such as udon noodles, miso soup and tempura to make it an even more memorable meal. The school can accommodate various dietary requirements if notified in advance, so vegetarians, vegans, those who observe halal customs and others can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

UMEMORI HONTEN Kabushiki Kaisha (奈良県奈良市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Experiences

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‘- Over 10 people JPY4,000
– Less than 10 people JPY16,000
(all excluding tax)