Hapicolla “Hapicolla Stick”

Nitta Gelatin Direct (Nitta Gelatin Inc.) (Osaka)

“Hapicolla” is an apple-flavored accepted functional drink which contains 2,500 mg of fish-derived low-molecular weight collagen peptide that has been reported to have a positive effect in keeping the skin moisturized and resilient.
Founded in 1918, Nitta Gelatin has been dedicated in research and development of collagen related products for many years as a manufacturer specializing in collagen. The company has produced collagen peptides with excellent absorption properties using its proprietary low molecular weight technology while also focusing on the formulation.
Studies show that in general, you can safely take 5,000 mg of collagen peptides per day. With high-quality collagen peptides with enhanced digestion and absorption into the body, just consuming even half that amount is expected to be effective for skin hydration and elasticity. It is particularly recommended for those who are concerned about dry skin.
In addition, the individual sachets make it easy to consume collagen at home, on vacation or on the go at any time. You can take it as it is or dilute with water, hot water or soda. It also goes well with yogurt.
Imbued with the company’s hope for supporting customers to age beautifully and positively, the functional drink will lead your skin healthy from the inside out.

Nitta Gelatin Direct (Nitta Gelatin Inc.) (大阪府大阪市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


15 sachets (20 g per sachet)

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JPY2,000 (excluding tax)