Kyowashi (Kyoto)

Shinobufumi is a letter envelope that can be used when conveying your thoughts to someone special. These envelopes are handmade from beautiful Yuzen washi paper each hand-dyed at a small workshop in Yawata, Kyoto, using folding techniques for expressing respect and appreciation.
An existing product of Kyowashi is an envelope for placing letters in the coffin at a funeral. Since this product is offered in elegant and chic colors and patterns, there were also requests for brighter, softer designs. Thus, the new Shinobufumi was created so that it can be used for both celebrations and condolences by changing the fold on the backside. (In Japan, monetary gifts are given in special designated envelopes. The backside of celebratory envelopes must have the bottom fold on the outside, while condolence envelopes are the opposite.) The Yuzen washi paper is adorned with graceful traditional patterns of Japan with symbolic meanings: Saya stands for happiness, Ryusui for purity and Hanakarakusa for prosperity.
Shinobufumi can be used freely in various scenes to convey messages on special occasions, such as from husband to wife on their anniversary, for children on birthdays or starting a new school, to parents at a wedding, and for grandchildren on traditional holidays. Another recommended use is for leaving heartfelt letters to families and friends as part of readying for the departure from life. Kyowashi hopes to introduce the profoundness of such gifts to many customers, and continues to handcraft these envelopes with beautiful Yuzen washi.

Kyowashi (京都府向日市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities


10 types total
– Saya x Acute triangle
– Saya x Less-than sign
– Ryusui x Acute triangle
– Ryusui x Less-than sign
– Umebachi x Acute triangle
– Umebachi x Less-than sign
– Hanakarakusa x Acute triangle
– Hanakarakusa x Less-than sign
– Sakura x Acute triangle
– Sakura x Less-than sign

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JPY1,500 (excluding tax)