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“Pergic” is a set of colorful triangular boxes with anti-virus, deodorizing and refreshing effects. Phytoncide, a substance emitted into the air by plants and trees, has several benefits including disinfecting, antibacterial, deodorizing and refreshing effects. Surrounding, Inc. has been selling sanitizers and deodorants containing phytoncide for commercial use. As a result of the analysis by a private testing organization in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, it has become apparent that phytoncide is also effective in weakening the virus floating in the air. Based on this finding, Pergic was developed for general household use. This product can be used not only as an antiviral and deodorizer, but also as an air freshener that can help refresh your mind. It comes in a set of six colors, making it a nice interior piece.
In consideration of the SDGs, the product itself, packaging and the cellulose beads inside the product are all made from plant-derived materials and can be disposed of as general waste after use. Pergic adds a delightful touch to your everyday life after Covid-19 while also helping you maintain health.

surrounding,inc. (石川県金沢市)

2023 Award
Genre: Daily necessities

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JPY4,480 (excluding tax)