Smellcatch Bio Deodorizer for Pets


This is a spray-type bio deodorant for pets developed by SOKENKAZARIYA LLC, a company specializing in deodorizing and cleaning that focuses on the function of microorganisms and has solved many problems in the daily living environment. First of all, odors are caused by substances such as ammonia, acetic acid and hydrogen sulfide that are generated by bacteria multiplication. “Smellcatch Bio Deodorizer for Pets” contains useful microorganisms (good bacteria) that kill these odor-causing bacteria and eradicate odor-causing substances (such as common bacteria in the case of pets). Although it is dormant in the container, when it is sprayed on the odor source in the air, the microorganisms wake up and begin to proliferate. It produces four types of enzymes that decompose odor-causing substances and antibacterial active substances and it suppresses not only what causes odors but also mold and malignant pathogens. Once the activation conditions are met, the microorganisms will continue to multiply so the deodorant effect will last longer in addition to its reliable effect. Also, unlike conventional deodorants, the product does not use any chemicals, chlorine or fragrances, and the microorganisms it contains are harmless to humans and pets. It is made of naturally derived ingredients and designed to be gentle on the skin, so you can easily spray it on cloth, leather products, floors, air conditioners and other surfaces that come in direct contact, so you can use it anywhere. This is a truly “living” deodorant that brings together the best of cutting-edge technology in physics and biology. SOKENKAZARIYA provides the joy of spending a life with precious pets without worrying about the smell by always having a bottle available. This deodorant product is also used by professionals.


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Genre: Daily necessities


300 ml

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JPY4,000 (excluding tax)