Kaede karin

ACERO Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Kaede Karin is mildly sweet “karinto.” Karinto is a traditional Japanese snack made by kneading flour with eggs and other ingredients, which is then formed into short sticks, deep fried in vegetable oil and coated mainly with brown sugar. Made thinner and smaller than a typical karinto, Kaede Karin is easier to eat and has a light mouthfeel. In addition to the classic brown sugar karinto, there are five flavors in total—coffee, yuzu, white sesame seeds and ginger. Particularly, unique flavors such as yuzu and coffee were made with the younger generation and foreigners who are not familiar with karinto in mind. Unlike sweet karinto, the ginger flavor has a clear taste and a mild sweet flavor, which can be also enjoyed with tea or alcoholic beverages. The company also offers karinto made using carefully-selected strawberries. If you are lucky, you can find them in the shop as it is a seasonal delicacy available in limited quantities for a limited period.
Handmade by skilled veteran artisans in a factory established in the Meiji era, Kaede Karin makes a wonderful gift as well as a souvenir for you family. Enjoy both familiar and new tastes for Japanese people.

ACERO Co., Ltd. (東京都渋谷区)

2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Five flavors (set of 8 packs)
– Black (2 packs)
– Coffee (2 packs)
– Yuzu (2 packs)
– White sesame seeds (1 pack)
– Ginger (1 pack)

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JPY4,300 (excluding tax)