Presby Toothcase of Yoshino cypress

Presby, inc. (Kanagawa)

This case, made using Yoshino cypress sourced from the Yoshino region in Nara Prefecture, is designed to preserve children’s baby teeth. Yoshino cypress is a traditional Japanese tree known for its beautiful appearance, intricate wood grain, and captivating colors. With a long history of being used in the construction of temples and shrines, Yoshino cypress exhibits remarkable durability and even possesses antibacterial properties, ensuring a safe and secure storage space for your child’s teeth.
While in Western cultures, there is a folklore tradition of placing baby teeth under the pillow for fairies or mice to exchange them with coins, in Japan, there is a custom of throwing lower teeth onto the roof and upper teeth beneath the floorboards, symbolizing the desire for straight and healthy permanent teeth to grow. This product was designed to adapt to the changing times and the increasing number of families living in apartments as a way to cherish and commemorate the milestones of children’s growth.
With a simple and functional design, the case features an acrylic cover that slides open, revealing carefully crafted compartments to securely hold 10 upper and 10 lower teeth. The cover can be conveniently marked with the date of each tooth loss so that parents and children can reflect on the passage of time and the precious memories associated with each tooth. Although the process of tooth transition may be accompanied by discomfort, and children may feel anxious, talking with them about the process using the case can ease the discomfort and in fact lead to good memories of the experience. In addition to being a record of growth for a family, it makes for a thoughtful gift for baby showers or first birthdays.

Presby, inc. (神奈川県川崎市)

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