orise Amazake

Kojiya Sanzaemon Co., Ltd. (Aichi)

This raw amazake is additive-free and fragrance-free, made only with domestic ingredients by a seed malt manufacturer that has been in business for 600 years. It has a rich, mellow flavor full of sweetness that you can hardly believe the product is no added sugar. In order to deliver freshly made amazake, it is not heat sterilized or watered down. It is a diluted type that can be drunk with water, soy milk, milk, etc., in any arrangement you like. It can also be used as a substitute for sugar.
Kojiya Sanzaemon has been in the business of producing and selling seed koji, an indispensable ingredient for soy sauce and miso. Seed koji is a commercial product made by cultivating koji malt and its spores, and the company has a proven track record of doing business with many brewing companies both in Japan and overseas. The company has been dealing with koji for many years and has accumulated technologies. Its product, orise amazake, was born out of the pursuit of the various possibilities of koji. The company’s goal was to create amazake with a luxurious sweetness that satisfies the human heart and provides a gentle aftertaste. Rice koji, the main ingredient of amazake, is carefully selected from more than 3,000 varieties of koji in the company. There are many amazake products in Japan, but the company takes pride that it was possible to make amazake from carefully selected types of koji malt because of its unique technology as a seed koji manufacturer. Through this product, Kojiya Sanzaemon hopes to provide the enjoyment and richness that koji brings to everyone’s daily lives.

Kojiya Sanzaemon Co., Ltd. (愛知県豊橋市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


4 kinds
– Junmai (Pure rice)
– Azuki beans
– Imo (sweet potato)
– Hatsukoi Lemon

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JPY750 (excluding tax)