2023 Special

Japanese Shrimp Crackers

koufukudo Co., Ltd. (Kumamoto)

Engaged in tiger prawn farming in Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, using a unique method based on many years of research, Koufukudo has been delivering high quality, fresh tiger prawns with rich umami, sweet flavor and firm flesh to top-class restaurants and homes around Japan. These crackers were born out of the company’s hope of providing more people with an opportunity to casually enjoy the rich flavors of its prawns.
While tiger prawns are loved and cherished by many people for their superb taste and texture, their cultivation is known to be extremely difficult due to several reasons and therefore, production outside of Japan is low. Meanwhile, Japan is one of the world’s leading producers of the tiger prawns. Particularly, Amakusa City is blessed with a rich natural environment suitable for the cultivation. On top of that, Koufukudo is committed to raising prawns in the ponds that have been constantly improved and innovated while ensuring to provide the optimum environment and nutrition. The resulting tiger prawns have muscular, plump and sweet flesh with almost no odor or smell particular to shrimps. Made using such whole, high-quality tiger prawns abundantly, the crackers have crisp and light texture while letting you fully savor the sweetness and umami flavors unique to prawns. The elegant taste is also perfect for gifting. Enjoy the indulgent taste of the tiger prawns grown in the bountiful nature of Amakusa.

koufukudo Co., Ltd. (熊本県天草市)

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2023 Special Distinction Award (Japan Post Online Shop Award)
Genre: Food/Drink

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JPY1,852 – JPY14,815 (all excluding tax)
– 1 pack (14 pieces) JPY1,852
– Set of 2 JPY2,778
– Set of 3 JPY3,704
– Set of 15 JPY14,815

– In a box (16 pieces)
1 box JPY2,315
2 boxes JPY3,519
8 boxes JPY11,852
*Shipping included