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Futec holdings Co. (Aichi)

Each stick is filled with powdered JAS certified organic green tea rich in flavor. Grown under the shade for a certain period of time using a unique method, the tea leaves contain abundant L-theanine (type of amino acids) while realizing a nearly zero level of caffeine content which is responsible for bitterness and astringent taste. L-theanine has stress-reducing effects and helps you relax. Therefore, drinking Suginoya’s ogranic tea at night will help you get a good sleep. The whole thick tea leaves are used to fully retain active ingredients such as catechins contained in the tea. There are five types of powdered teas available (and a set of four each of five kinds) — green tea, roasted tea (hojicha), brown rice tea (genmaicha), Japanese black tea and barely tea — so that you can choose according to your mood.
The tea series that can be enjoyed easily was developed by also taking the SDGs into consideration. Generally, Japanese tea leaves are brewed in a teapot by pouring hot water over the leaves. As a result, the used tea leaves are disposed of as food waste. On the other hand, tea powder made from 100% fresh tea leaves can be prepared easily by pouring hot or cold water. You don’t need a teapot and it is easy to clean up as it doesn’t produce waste. The sealed package, which allows for a long-term preservation, is made of recyclable materials. Produced by eliminating waste throughout the process in consideration of the environment, the healthy tea powder contributes to your daily fluid and nutrition needs.

Futec holdings Co. (愛知県名古屋市)

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Five kinds
– Organic Japanese Tea
– Organic Roasted Tea
– Organic Brown Rice Tea
– Organic Black Tea
– Organic Japanese Barley & Tea

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‘- One pack (contains 30 sticks) JPY900 (excluding tax)
– Trial set (four each of five kinds, total of 20 sticks) JPY600 (excluding tax)