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Shiawase dorayaki

Clovermusubi (Clover365 Co., Ltd.) (Osaka)

Clover365 Co., Ltd. is a company that produces stylish versions of “hanko/inkan,” or carved stamps that have been used in Japan since ancient times. “Shiawase dorayaki” was created by bringing the company’s such innovative spirit to breath new life into tradition to the field of confectionery.
Dorayaki is a popular Japanese sweet consisting of two castella-like pancakes with sweet red bean paste inside. Made using original mix of flour blended with glutinous rice flour, yam and other carefully-selected ingredients, the pancakes of Shiawase dorayaki have surprisingly fluffy and chewy texture. The red bean paste is made using the finest azuki beans grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido. Other flavor variations include “Chestnut” of refined sweetness, “Walnut” of exquisite texture and savory flavor, the smooth and mildly sweet “White bean paste,” “Matcha paste” that combines selected matcha and white bean paste, and the fragrant “Hojicha paste.”
Shiawase dorayaki conveys the hope of the company to bring little happiness to those purchase it for themselves or as a gift while strengthening good relationships and offering an opportunity to form new bonds.

Clovermusubi (Clover365 Co., Ltd.) (大阪府大阪市)

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2023 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Six flavors
– Shiawase dorayaki
– Shiawase dorayaki chestnut
– Shiawase dorayaki walnut
– Shiawase dorayaki sweet white bean paste
– Shiawase dorayaki matcha paste
– Shiawase dorayaki hojicha paste

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‘- Shiawase dorayaki JPY210
– Shiawase dorayaki chestnut JPY300
– Shiawase dorayaki walnut JPY250
– Shiawase dorayaki sweet white bean paste JPY230
– Shiawase dorayaki matcha paste JPY290
– Shiawase dorayaki hojicha paste JPY280
(All excluding tax)