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silk scarf ROSHA-KIMONO

YOKOSHO Co., Ltd. (Niigata)

Gosen City in Niigata Prefecture is one of the three major white fabric production centers in Japan, along with Tango in Kyoto and Nagahama in Shiga Prefecture. YOKOSHO Co., Ltd. has been weaving only white silk (without dyeing process) for more than 100 years in this area with a long history in the textile industry. The company, which has inherited the pure water nurtured by the local climate, traditional techniques and a weaving spirit, has developed its “ROSHA-KIMONO” line of products so that the elegance and beauty of kimono fabric can easily be a part of daily life. It is a scarf made of 100% silk, both the fabric and the dyeing process of which are derived from kimono fabric. The concept is to “concentrate the beauty, grandeur and culture of kimono fabric in a single scarf” as if a “kimono you can carry around with you.” Behind the development of such a product was the recent trend moving away from kimonos. The company, therefore, reviewed the basic materials and focused on “ro” (high quality silk gauze) and “sha,” (high quality gauze) special fabrics used for summer kimonos. After four years of trial and error, the company has created a new material with unique permeability that is less than a quarter the weight of a kimono. This unique transparency, which can be transformed by wind and light, is the greatest feature of “ROSHA-KIMONO.” The manufacturing method of the fabric also inherits the know-how of kimono making, minimizing seams by weaving the fabric according to the width of the product in advance, and avoiding the production of scraps. The company also collaborated with a dyeing factory specializing in kimono to ensure the quality of dyeing, colors and patterns. The lightness of the product makes it easy to carry, and it is also attractive to people of all ages and body types. YOKOSHO Co., Ltd. hopes that these newly conceived scarves and stoles, which have the true essence of kimono, will serve as a bridge to convey the traditional beauty and wisdom of Japanese life to the world and to the future.

YOKOSHO Co., Ltd. (新潟県五泉市)

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2023 Gold Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


3 types
– Stole (200 cm x 60 cm)
20 types (pattern and color)
Stole with cherry blossoms rambling on white silk (Sakura white)
Stole with wavering cherry blossoms on light blue silk (Sakura sky blue)
Red silk scarf with slowly moving clouds (Cloud Red)
Stole of fluffy cloud on navy blue silk (Kumo navy)
Stole of black silk with congratulatory emblem (Noshi black)
Stole of brilliant flowers on silver silk (Noshi silver)
Stole of a strip of paper fluttering on purple silk (Strips of purple)
Stole with chrysanthemums on silver silk (Kiku gray)
Stole with chrysanthemums put quietly on green silk (Kiku olive)
Stole with chrysanthemums on red silk (Kiku red)
Stole with chrysanthemums on navy blue silk (Kiku navy)
Stole of chrysanthemums rustling on black silk (Kiku black)
Stole of rose in full bloom on black silk (Roses black)
Stole of lilies blooming proudly on black silk (Lily black)
Stole with lilies drifting on blue silk (Lily Blue)
Stole with lilies on orange silk (Lily orange)
Stole with Phalaenopsis on red/purple silk (Kochoran purple)
Phalaenopsis on silver silk (Kochoran Silver)
Peonies blending in cherry color (Shakuyaku salmon pink)
Peonies stole in young grass color (Shakuyaku green)

– Slim stole (180 cm x 35 cm)
5 colors (noshime, long sleeve kimono pattern)
Sky blue

– Aero Scarf (60 cm x 60 cm)
12 types (pattern and color)
Cherry blossom white
Cherry blossom pink
Cloud red
Cloud navy
Noshi black
Noshi silver
Tanzakku purple
Tanzaku green
Chrysanthemum gray
Chrysanthemum olive
Lily blue
Lily orange

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

‘- Stole JPY25,000
– Slim stole JPY16,000
– Mini scarf JPY10,000
(All excluding tax)