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Koukyuu Nodogurotaityadukesetto

Nihonkainokatsugyo kappou suzuranbekkan(Suzuranbekkan Y.K.) (Shimane)

This is a set of Ochazuke (traditionally green tea over rice) with “nodoguro” and “tai” (sea bream or snapper), both of which are renowned as high-class fish. Using nodoguro and tai, which are fatty fish unique to the offshore of the San’in region, Suzuran Annex, a fresh fish and kappo-cuisine restaurant in Hamada City in Shimane Prefecture has prepared this set with all its care and attention. The nodoguro and tai are fragrantly grilled, then placed in a 3D freezer (rapid cooling and freezing device) while still hot to lock in the flavor, and vacuum-packed one by one in a box. This keeps the fish fresh and provides a safe and delicious taste. The dashi soup stock is made from the rich extract of the bone parts of nodoguro, combined with locally made soy sauce. The set also includes onigiri grilled rice balls and condiments, making it easy to prepare and enjoy for any time when hungry, busy or not feeling well.
Warm each grilled rice ball and fish in the microwave, then place the rice balls and fish in the bowl in that order. After putting all the condiments on top, bring the soup stock and water to a boil in a pot and pour it into a bowl to complete exquisitely delicious Ochazuke. If you like, adding wasabi is also a good idea to enhance the taste. Please enjoy the taste of this dish, which is the pride of a ryotei restaurant and has been selected as a return gift under the Hamada City Furusato Nozei (hometown tax) program.

Nihonkainokatsugyo kappou suzuranbekkan(Suzuranbekkan Y.K.) (島根県浜田市)

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2023 Gold Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Set contents (4 servings):
– Nodoguro (approx. 50 g), 2 pieces
– Renko Dai (approx. 50 g), 2 pieces
– Grilled onigiri rice balls (approx. 80 g), 4 pieces
– Chazuke soup stock (approx. 10 g), 4 pieces
– Condiments (shredded dried seaweed, arare rice crackers, dried honewort), 4 servings

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY3,980 (excluding tax)