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ICHINOKURA Co., Ltd. (Miyagi)

ICHINOKURA Himezen is a new type of Japanese sake that strikes a pleasant balance of sweetness derived from rice and a light acidic taste. Despite being a pure sake, its alcohol content is 8%, which is about half that of conventional sake. The sweet citrusy flavor can be enjoyed chilled or hot. It is also ideal as a sorbet or for mixing with soda or as a cocktail base. In addition to the company’s original cocktails, recipes proposed by Japanese sommelier Shinya Tasaki are available on the company’s website.
Himezen was launched in 1988 in response to women of generations who are not familiar with sake. While a variety of tastes of alcohol beverages including beer and wine are being produced, the company went through much trial and error with the aim of creating all-new Japanese sake beyond conventional concept. Gathering its amassed know-how and techniques of brewing and fermentation, ICHINOKURA developed a low-alcohol sake with sweet and sour flavor. Its crisp refreshing flavor has been appreciated by many customers as a sake ideal for casual drinking.
Since its founding, ICHINOKURA has been dedicated to producing handmade sake in harmony with nature while staying true to the traditional method. By using its brewing techniques, the company is committed to continue delivering safe products that can enrich people’s life.

ICHINOKURA Co., Ltd. (宮城県大崎市)

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Genre: Food/Drink


Four kinds
– 180 ml
– 300 ml
– 720 ml
– 1.8 L

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‘- 180 ml JPY315
– 300 ml JPY520
– 720 ml JPY1,040
– 1.8 L JPY2,500
(All excluding tax)