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Located in Murakami City in Niigata Prefecture known as one of the best rice-producing regions in Japan, Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. is a historic brewery founded in 1819. “Shimeharitsuru Daiginjo San” is a refined sake created with utmost care, backed by 200 years of experience and techniques. It uses 100% Yamada Nishiki sake rice that have been polished down to 38% carefully over time in-house and brewing water drawn from the brewery’s well, which is sourced from Miomote River known for salmon spawning. The delicate and slightly sweet soft water produces the mellow flavor of the sake. Classified as “Daiginjo,” this sake is characterized by “ginjo-ka,” or an elegant and soothing fruity aroma unique to ginjo-type sake, as well as the mildly sweet well-balanced flavor and crisp finish. In one word, the quality of the sake can be described as “tanrei umakuchi,” which means rich yet light. It is a toast-worthy sake perfect for celebrations and parties, or to be enjoyed during meals as it enhances the taste of the food. It surely makes a perfect gift, too. To make it suitable as a gift, the package design is made simple yet sophisticated by using a hologram logo. Miyao Sake Brewing is proud to present its masterpiece made with the best techniques of daiginjo-sake making which the brewery has cultivated over a long history and tradition.


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Genre: Food/Drink


720 ml

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JPY3,182 (excluding tax)
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