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lulumo Placenta Serum

Stabilizer Co., Ltd. (Miyagi)

Brought to life based on the concept “love yourself more each day,” lulumo is a skincare brand that helps those who have skin concerns to embrace their bare skin. Committed to additive-free formulation as much as possible, lulumo aims at providing simple and high-quality skincare products accessible to a wider audience. The entire process prom production to product storage is carried out in Japan so that everyone can use the product with peace of mind. Simple formulation with only the necessary ingredients carefully selected and blended lavishly brings out the natural potential of the skin. While being high quality, the company has realized a selling price that many people can afford to allow for continued use.
The placenta serum contains abundant high-quality equine placenta produced in Japan. After much trial and error as well as many prototypes, the company has finally succeeded in realizing an optimal formulation as well as the comfort of use. The serum was developed with the hope that those who use it feel more comfortable with their skin each morning when they wake up and look in the mirror.

Stabilizer Co., Ltd. (宮城県気仙沼市)

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30 ml

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JPY4,536 (excluding tax)