Kinetsuki Tenoshi Mochi

SENJIRO Hasagakemai (Tokyo)

“Kinetsuki Tenshi Mochi” is mochi made from rice grown by “Hasagake,” which is a traditional Japanese sun-dried farming method. The method has not been seen everywhere in Japan lately; however, it is said that this method permeates the last nutrients left in the rice straw into a grain of rice and gives the rice a richer sweetness and aroma. Also, “Tenoshi” is an artisan skill that manually stretches and flattens the cooked rice into a sheet shape one by one. Using this method makes the mochi taste as if it were just freshly cooked and pounded.
This product is made with the high-quality glutinous rice brand “Koganemochi” using the Hasagake method and careful steaming process. By this artisan skill, “Shiro” provides the full joy of the natural taste of glutinous rice, freshly cooked and pounded; “Brown” pounded with glutinous rice has a distinctive flavor due to its aroma; “Shrimp” has the taste and flavor from its shrimp aroma and salty accent; and “Bean” provides a sticky young soybean texture with a salty taste. “Walnut” provides the taste of seasoned walnuts and sweet soy sauce, and finally “Yomogi” provides the rich aroma of mugwort in its taste.
The company has produced six types of Kinetsuki Tenoshi Mochi and hopes people enjoy the rich taste of mochi dried using traditional farming methods and the craft of being hand-made.

SENJIRO Hasagakemai (東京都渋谷区)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


Six kinds
– White (white glutinous rice)
– Brown rice (brown rice mochi)
– Bean (bean mixed mochi)
– Yomogi (Japanese mugwort mixed mochi)
– Walnut (walnut mixed mochi)
– Shrimp (shrimp rice cake)


50 g pack x 3

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY350 (excluding tax)