taneco Wonky Dried Baked Anno-imo Sweet Potato

SINTITULO Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

The dried baked sweet potato is made with Anno Beni, the most popular variety of Anno-imo sweet potato produced in Tanegashima island of Kagoshima Prefecture. The shop “taneco” sells baked sweet potato made with Anno-imo grown by select contract farmers, but depending on the field’s soil or weather conditions, some potatoes turn out to be out of product standard. While these irregular potatoes are equivalent in taste and quality, since baked sweet potatoes use the whole potato, they may be too large, too small, or not shaped right for the product. The taneco Wonky Anno-imo Dried Baked Sweet Potato was conceived as a way to use these irregular potatoes. Dried sweet potatoes (hoshi-imo) are traditional Japanese snacks made from cut up sweet potatoes. Even though they may be out of standard, the potatoes are still packed with the delicious sweetness of Anno-imo. They are baked before being dried, so the sweetness is condensed, and preserve the unique chewiness while creating a moist, soft texture. The thick size is also very filling. The product is a novel Anno-imo sweets that fuses the delicious flavor of baked sweet potato with the convenience of dried sweet potato. They are sweet and enjoyable on their own, but also can be customized such as combined with vanilla ice cream. The individual 20 g packages are easy to carry around and store, making them great on-the-go snacks.

SINTITULO Co., Ltd. (東京都渋谷区)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


5 pieces included

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