Mellow Cola

Mamamoon Inc. (Tokyo)

The craft cola syrup was made based on the developer’s experience as a bartender. Craft cola is a syrup made by simmering several spices and sugar, which is blended with club soda. When cola was first invented in the US, it was sold as a panacea, claiming it a cure for many diseases such as abdominal pain, physical fatigue and hangover. With this in mind, the original recipe was inspired by the production method and benefits of the authentic classic cola. Over a dozen natural spices including herbal medicines are blended in a good balance to achieve a mild and deep flavor that can be enjoyed by even those who are not fond of spices. It is a perfect beverage to drink when you like to refresh or relax as well as when you have such symptoms as loss of appetite, digestive problems, fatigue and hangover. In addition, made only using beet sugar from Hokkaido instead of refined sugar, it is a healthy low-glycemic food that can serve as a natural energy drink with powerful spices.
A variety of recipes are available on the company’s website in hope to convey the benefits of the original cola created by a bartender to more people, which can be enjoyed not only as it but in many different ways in various settings both at home and outdoors.

Mamamoon Inc. (東京都西東京市)

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2023 Award
Genre: Food/Drink


‘- 240 ml (approx. 6 servings)
– 530 ml (approx. 14 servings)

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‘- 240 ml JPY2,850 (excluding tax) 
– 530 ml JPY3,850 (excluding tax)