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Salmon Bettara sushi

Kagurakyo (Aichi)

Salmon Bettara sushi is a type of sushi that is pressed in a wooden mold with aged king salmon wrapped over vinegar rice. Aged king salmon, wrapped in kombu seaweed and soaked in sake for 24 hours, has a bright pink color and a melting texture and flavor. It is good to enjoy the unique texture and flavor of the sushi by adding chopped shallots and shiso (beefsteak plant) leaves. With the theme of “delicacy” from the subtle sweetness and color, Kagurakyo focused on the transparency and rounded shape. It has a gentle taste that lets you smile when you take a bite. The company’s homemade crispy Bettara-zuke also gives the perfect accent to the sushi with wasabi soy sauce.
The company has a store specializing in pickled fish that is particular about the low-temperature aging method. Among the many pickled fish, the aged king salmon is a masterpiece that has been favored by more than 1.3 million servings. The deep flavor and vivid color of the salmon created by the traditional Japanese technique of “koji-zuke” and the low-temperature aging method are the fruits of Kagurakyo’s aging technique.
This year, the company won a prize in the sushi section of the side dish contest where many restaurants throughout Japan participated. Salmon Bettara sushi is the company’s proud and flavorful product that people can choose as a gift for hospitality or just as a pleasant surprise for the people you care about.

Kagurakyo (愛知県一宮市)

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Genre: Food/Drink


Two types
– Sweet sushi (in a container)
– Sweet sushi (in a paulownia box)

Price (excluding tax) ※ Please see the latest pricing and tax information on the company's home page.

JPY1,080 – 2,000 (all excluding tax)
– Sweet sushi (container)
At store JPY1,080
By delivery JPY1,200
– Sweet sushi (paulownia box)
At store JPY1,800
By delivery JPY2,000