Magic wishing mallet (Japanese Kutani ware)

Dream, Inc. (Aichi)

This is an auspicious “Uchide-no-kozuchi,” or a magic mallet, carefully crafted one by one with Japan’s traditional Kutani ware technique. Hand-painted by the world-renowned artisan Toshifumi Taka, the breathtaking vivid colors and elegant design of the “Hanazume” floral pattern comprised of peony, cotton rose, plum and small chrysanthemum flowers spreads at the center of the mallet, while cranes and turtles that symbolize good luck are drawn on the left and the right sides. Cranes are considered as a symbol of happy marriage as crane couples are known to stay together for life. Also, the cranes spreading their wings symbolize a wish reaching to the heavens. Meanwhile, turtles are perceived as a symbol of longevity, but particularly, the “minogame” drawn on the mallet are old turtles with a train of seaweed growing on their back, which are a long-revered symbol representing longevity and good luck. The lavish gold on the mallet is applied with Kinrande, a decorative technique of Japanese porcelain. The gorgeous and elegant design will bring happiness and enrich the lives of users. Uchide-no-kozuchi is generally known as a magic wooden hammer held in the hand of Daikoku-ten, the deity of wealth and prosperity, and is said to tap out anything wished for. The mallet has been blessed at a shrine strongly associated with Uchide-no-kozuchi mallet in prayer for everyone’s happiness and prosperity. Bright up your daily life with this beautiful item of Kutani ware.

Dream, Inc. (Aichi)

2020 Award
Genre: Interior/Fashion


Iroe Kinrande-style Hanazume


W8.5cm x D14.5cm x H7.8cm

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JPY80,727 (excluding tax)