Motif Blanket

Knit Studio Amour(Miyagi)

Motif blanket products are made by knitting crochet motifs together one by one using residual yarn. Knit Studio Amour was established in 1982 in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, and has been making knit products as an OEM specializing in handmade products for various brands. Since its establishment, the studio has been manufacturing knit items with a soft and fluffy texture and precious feeling that is close to hand-knitted materials by using hand-knitting machines (home-use knitting machines). During the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the studio fortunately was spared from major damage, and while lifelines were not being restored, about a week after the earthquake, the studio resumed its business doing work that did not require electricity, and started working with the company’s knitters. In 2020, the studio’s own brand, AMOUR, was born as a result of a long desire in the making.

Through the manufacturing process of OEM products, the company’s policy became not to waste high-grade residual yarn remaining after production based on the spirit of “Mottainai” for yarn and to treasure resources. The studio started manufacturing motif blankets under the AMOUR brand. Basically, these items are made from leftover yarn, and new yarn is used only when there is a shortage to match colors. This not only saves resources, but also reduces material costs and the price of the products. Since leftover yarn is used, each item is one of a kind. In case customers are not able to find the preferred design in stock, made-to-order production is also possible.

Knit Studio Amour
2022 2nd session Award
3 sizes: S, M, L
S JPY25,000~
M JPY 30,000~
L JPY 35,000~
(All excluding tax)
*Varies depending on yarn used and design