cobon N series

Daiichikobo Corporation(Shizuoka)

Those who are beauty-conscious currently have their eyes on the power of yeast, and “cobon” is the brand at the center of the industry for many years. Yeast is the microorganism that produces enzymes. This plant extract fermented drink is packed with natural yeast traditionally used in Japan to make fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, and sake. The natural yeast drink by cobon is a long-selling brand of handmade products made in Izu since 1950. Basing on this technology, the company very carefully cultivated the seed yeast that has been passed down for over 60 years to create the cobon N series.
Since ancient times, people have been consuming yeast by eating fermented food. However, there are actually only a few foods containing live yeasts nowadays, providing fewer opportunities for us to ingest. With this in mind, Daiichikobo Corporation has been dedicated to manufacture cobon drink series that contains great amount of strong and high-quality yeasts which the company has carefully cultivated. The fungus contained in the products is a wild yeast unique to the company with reliable evidence. In addition, the dink is additive free which makes it ideal for all ages from children to elderly people.

Daiichikobo Corporation
2022 2nd session Award
- cobon marvel: cobon marvel N525, cobon marvel N140
- cobon Slim Light N525
- cobon Life Plus N525: cobon Zakuro Life Plus N525, cobon Maqui Berry & Bilberry Life Plus N525, cobon Yuzu & Ginger Life Plus N525
- cobon Lemon & Ginger candy
JPY362 – JPY4,800 (all excluding tax)
- cobon marvel:
cobon marvel N525 JPY4,800
cobon marvel N140 JPY1,900

- cobon Slim Light N525 JPY3,400

- cobon Life Plus N525 (cobon Zakuro Life Plus N525, cobon Maqui Berry & Bilberry Life Plus N525, cobon Yuzu & Ginger Life Plus N525): JPY4,200 each

- cobon Lemon & Ginger candy JPY362
Award winner for five consecutive years from 2018 to 2022