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POWERFULUP TEA® was developed based on the concept that good health and beauty start from inside the intestines. Cleansing your intestines improves circulation and helps you losing weight in a healthy way. A blend of six carefully-selected natural ingredients from Japan, China, Indonesia, South Africa and Chile, POWERFULUP TEA® can be consumed by people suffering from constipation and fecal impaction with peace of mind. The product does not use senna, a plant that has been traditionally used in various tea products for constipation relief, as there are reports indicating that it may have adverse effects on the body. Instead, leaves of the Golden Candle Plant from Indonesia are used to produce this tea for relieving constipation that is safe for consumption. Japan’s prestigious Tamba black beans and brown rice give a savory taste to make it easy to drink. In addition, beauty ingredients such as rosehip and rooibos are contained to deliver benefits for the skin health. Also, analysis results prove that sennosides A and B, components to treat constipation commonly used in tea products, are not present in this product, so it can be safely enjoyed every day with meals to improve digestion.

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2022 1st session Award
Net weight
Tea bag (4 g)
1 tea bag JPY100 (excluding tax)
30 tea bags JPY2,400 (excluding tax)