Okinawan seaweeds facial pack

Family Planning CO., LTD.(Okinawa)

Mozuku is a brown type of seaweed that can only grow in beautiful seawater. Being the largest producer of mozuku in Japan, over 90% of the nation’s harvest comes from Okinawa. Known as one of the local specialties, this unique seaweed is widely appreciated as a hope for life for its healthy properties. In addition, mozuku is also known as an effective moisturizer as it contains ample amounts of moisture content and has the ability to keep it. This product was made in hopes to bring this incredible material good for both health and beauty to more people by defying the conventional image of mozuku being simply a type of food, while also bringing about a new revolution in the local beauty industry.
The facial pack is made 100% of mozuku produced in Okinawa. The stringy and slimy texture unique to mozuku, which comes from a dietary fiber called fucoidan contained in the seaweed, helps hydrate the skin. It is quite simple to use: you can use it while you are conditioning your hair during bath time, then on the next day, your skin feels plumper, firmer and clearer. Also, it can be used as a good moisturizer under the makeup in the morning. The innovative, eye-catching package that lingers in your mind once you see it is also highly appreciated by the younger generations in Japan.

Family Planning CO., LTD.
2021 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Net weight
100 g (for approximately 20 applications)
JPY1,200 (excluding tax)