PureBio One

purely Co.,Ltd.(Yamanashi)

The company is engaged in the development of cosmetic products based on “epigenetics,” a new approach that awakens the skin’s natural regenerative power, as well as the “telomere theory of aging” to provide cutting-edge products that combine organic and biotechnology. PureBio One is highly absorbent like a serum while acting like an emulsion to promote moisturizing skin and deliver active agents such as human stem cell culture medium and telomerase extract to the skin. With just this single item, very satisfying anti-aging care can be expected. The company has paid close attention to every detail including the texture, container and outer box to convince even the most demanding Japanese consumers. Particularly, created by a well-established paper tube manufacturer in Kyoto that is attracting attention for their techniques from all over the world, the round cylinder shape of the outer box represents Japanese omotenashi spirit, which conveys the company’s hope to care not only women’s skin but also their mind.

purely Co.,Ltd.
2021 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Net weight
40 g
JPY28,000 (excluding tax)