Chameleon Band for Apple Watch

Hineno Katsujiro Syoten Ltd.(Kyoto)

Produced by Hineno Katsujiro Syoten that has been engaged for three generations in “shikkaiya” business, which refers to the entire process of Kyoto kimono dyeing, Chameleon Band for Apple Watch uses kimono silk fabric hand-dyed by Kyo-yuzen artisans for the surface. The width of the silk fabric used is about 38 cm, which is rare in the world as it is specialized for kimono use, but is most suited to bring out the hand-dyeing techniques of the artisans to their fullest potential while allowing to create unique colors, patterns and textures.
In order to make the most of the fabric’s beautiful designs, the company has also designed the casting molds for the bands so that their shapes match the fabric. The minimalist and sleek design of the band exbibits a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modernity. The belt uses hand-dyed silk fabric for the surface and cowhide leather on the back, meticulously made one by one by the hands of the leather artisans. Since the fabrics all feature different patterns, each band is one-of-a-kind. The upper and lower pieces are sold separately so that you can coordinate according to different moods, situations and styles. In addition, D-shape buckle is employed to protect the delicate silk from damage while also being easy to put on and remove.

Hineno Katsujiro Syoten Ltd.
2021 2nd session Award
Four types
- 44 (42) mm
Upper part (12 o’clock side), lower part (6 o’clock side)
- 40 (38) mm
Upper part (12 o’clock side), lower part (6 o’clock side)
*Each item is basically one-of-a-kind
JPY6,000 – JPY10,000 (all excluding tax)
- 44 (42) mm
Upper part (12 o’clock side) JPY10,000
Lower part (6 o’clock side) JPY8,000
- 40 (38) mm
Upper part (12 o’clock side) JPY9,000
Lower part (6 o’clock side) JPY6,000
(All excluding tax)