Datenoohizamoto Kimono Obi Belt Helper

M-STUDIO (Miyagi)

Datenoohizamoto Kimono Obi Helper allows anyone to tie their obi belts easily and beautifully. The product was developed with the hopes to help more women around the world see and dress in the elegant and gorgeous Japanese kimono, and expand its fans. Today, there are fewer and fewer women wearing kimono, and the biggest reason is that it is very difficult to tie the obi belt on your own. The traditional temusubi (hand tying) method requires you to tie the wrapped obi at your back, which puts a lot of strain in the arms because they need to be kept raised for a long time, and also confusing as to which arm you are moving. Being tied at the back, it is also hard to form an ideal otaiko shape. Even traditional tools to assist obi tying are used at the back, so the otaiko still had to be tied at the back, and it was also difficult to bring the obi’s design to the center. Determined that the solution was to make it possible to visually check the obi tying, the company developed the product over three years and obtained a patent. With the Datenoohizamoto Kimono Obi Helper, you can now tie the otaiko right in front of your eyes with ease, providing the solution to all your obi tying concerns.

2021 Award
W19 cm x H27 cm
One color
Salmon Pink
JPY13,500 (excluding tax)