Yokohama BrickStreet

WISHBON Co., Ltd.(Kanagawa)

Yokohama Brick Street is a delectable confection made by mixing homemade caramel with savory roasted almonds, sandwiching them with specially made cookie dough and baking thoroughly. Since its introduction in 2001, the product has gone through various evolutions adapting to the times. When first launched, the caramel was simmered for longer and gave the dessert a stiffer texture. However, in 2009, the ingredient was switched to rare caramel, a trend at the time, and also the nougat’s milky flavor was heightened, resulting in better texture and aroma that was well received. Since then, the confection has been constantly upgraded to be even tastier and easier to enjoy, such as changing the almonds to roasted ones for a toasty flavor, and reexamining the individual wrappings and redesigning the package. Now as Yokohama Brick Street celebrates its 20th anniversary, it has grown into a long-selling product that many buy as souvenirs or gifts when visiting families, recognized as a Yokohama staple that is appreciated by anyone. It is a must-try confection featuring delicious rare caramel the confectioner carefully simmers in a copper pot every day.

2021 2nd session Award
Three types
- Yokohama Brick Street
- Yokohama Brick Street Chocolat
- Yokohama Brick Street Shonan Gold (seasonal limited product; flavor may change yearly)
Set of 6: JPY556 (excluding tax)
Set of 12: JPY1,000 (excluding tax)