Just Add Hot Water Osuimono Soup Series


These concentrated soups are made from extracts of simmered real seafood, combined with black rice vinegar, starch syrup, dried bonito extract and kelp extract, and finished with soy sauce. All four types are seasoned just right so that simply by adding hot water, you can enjoy flavorful osuimono, or clear broth soup, brimming with delicious fruits of the sea. Kaki (oyster) soup can be added to regular miso soup to make savory oyster miso soup. Uni (sea urchin) soup can be used in various dishes such as mixed rice, rice soup and pasta. The clam soups are great health foods, as the Shijimi (freshwater clam) soup contains ornithine and Asari (clam) soup is rich in taurine. The soup concentrates also make delicious seasonings filled with the goodness of seafood, such as sauce on tofu or egg rice, or added to mixed rice and other dishes.

[Tips for enjoying product]
・Osuimono (clear broth soup) (10-20 times concentrated)
Just pour hot water over 2 teaspoons of concentrated soup in a miso soup bowl

・As seasoning in dishes: Takikomi gohan (mixed rice)
Add 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of concentrated soup to 1-go (approx. 150g) of rice

・Other cooking ideas
Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), zosui (rice soup), pasta sauce, hot pot, seasoning, salad dressing, etc.

2021 2nd session Gold Award
Four types
Shijimi (freshwater clam) soup, Kaki (oyster) soup, Asari (clam) soup, Uni (sea urchin) soup
Shijimi (freshwater clam) soup: JPY1,280
Kaki (oyster) soup: JPY1,280
Asari (clam) soup: JPY1,280
Uni (sea urchin) soup: JPY1,800
(All excluding tax)