Washable Lace Dress

JiyuJisai Co., Ltd.(Tokyo)

Designed based on Japan’s unique “Sanpo-yoshi” concept, which means it benefits the consumer, seller and producer, the knit dress is a signature item of an ultimate sustainable brand, KNIToDay, that lets you cut and turn it into another item. By cutting one of the six guidelines marked on the dress, you can turn the dress into your preferred item so that it can be worn for a long time without getting tired of the design. The soft lace fabric can easily revert to its original shape after stretching and stays wrinkle-free so that a wide range of people including pregnant women, homeworkers and business travelers can wear it in various scenes without stress. It is easy to handle and carry around as it can be washed at home and dries quickly thereby preventing it from losing its shape. Only two sizes—S and L—are available, but it can accommodate a wide range of body shapes as it is very stretchy and flexible. With its distinctive feature that lets you cut it and make different items while having a limited size range, retailers do not need to purchase many items therefore can reduce the risk of carrying excess inventory. On the other hand, producers can concentrate on mass producing one item at a time which would reduce the risk of mistakes. In consideration of the environment, the products are sold in a laundry net instead of a plastic bag. The patent-pending knit dress is made entirely in Japan from the thread used for the material.

JiyuJisai Co., Ltd.
2021 1st session Award
S, L
2 colors
White, Navy
JPY40,000 (excluding tax)