sara-la towel gift “en”


“sara-la” is a towel gift designed to help convey the sender’s hope to delight the receiver. The lid of the outer box is wrapped up with a Japanese washi paper of a traditional Shippo pattern that represents the never-ending circles and links of harmony. The products are tied around with a mizuhiki knot which has long been an important element of Japanese culture and tradition of gift-giving. Mizuhiki symbolizes a strong bond between people and the knot becomes tighter the more you pull the ends of each chord. It also has a meaning of creating unbreakable chain of ties and gratitude. High-end extra-long staple cotton made in Greece is used for the pile. Because the yarn is extremely long and delicate, it requires a high skill to handle. The premium towels are made by Imabari towel craftspeople by carefully calculating the exquisite balance of loosely twisted yarns and length of the pile to achieve high absorbency and soft texture while retaining adequate volume. Also, you can feel the same effects even after repeated laundering. With a unique serial number embroidered on the back of the brand tag, the quality of each towel is carefully managed at the company’s factory.

2020 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Face towel
Bath towel
JPY2,500 – JPY15,000 (all excluding tax)
Face towel JPY2,500
Set of two face towels JPY5,000
Bath towel JPY5,500
Set of two bath towels JPY11,000
Set of bath towel and face towel (one each) JPY 8,000
Set of one bath towel and two face towels JPY10,500
Set of bath towels and face towels (two each) JPY15,000