Sanada’s Komatsuhime Koshihikari Premium Quality Rice

KANAINOUEN Co., Ltd. (Agricultural Corporation)(Gumma)

Sanada’s Komatsuhime Koshihikari Premium Quality Rice is one of the best rice brands in Japan that has won prizes for five consecutive years including two gold awards at the world’s largest rice contest the “International Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation.” The history of this premium rice dates back to about 430 years when Komatsuhime (Princess Komatsu), Lady of the first Lord of Numata castle Nobuyuki Sanada, proposed to cultivate rice using the clean water from the melting snow that was flowing from the Sanada irrigation system, in order to save the rural people in their territory who were suffering from water shortages. The difference in temperature between day and night and the clear water from the melting snow help growing delicious rice. The rice cultivated in a rich natural environment of the Numata Basin is said to be a very rare rice because of its low production volume. Enjoy the original delicious taste of rice infused with the thoughtfulness of Princess Komatsu.

KANAINOUEN Co., Ltd. (Agricultural Corporation)
2020 2nd session Award
2kg, 5kg
2kg: JPY 2,500 (excluding tax)
5kg: JPY5,000 (excluding tax)