Paper roll hanger


This is a hanger type paper roll holder that can be hung anywhere making it ideal also for smaller spaces in the Japanese kitchens. It is convenient to carry so you can hang it in a chair or inside the car and use it on several occasions such as camping and barbecue. It is compatible with paper rolls of a variety of sizes as the metal part is adjustable. Materials used are brass and pigskin leather. The brass parts are handmade by artisans using the traditional sand-casting method so that users can enjoy the unique texture. The adjusters are designed using Japan’s traditional auspicious patterns such as sakura, ichimatsu and watsunagi as motifs. All metallic parts are applied with clear coating to ensure safety. Pigskin leathers are specialty products of Japan which are imported worldwide and employed by many high-end brands. Made of an original “Russety” pigskin leather produced with a vegetable tanning method unique to a tannery based in Tokyo, this paper roll hanger is safe to use.

2020 Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Sakura, Ichimatsu, Watsunagi
JPY3,180 (excluding tax)