Manners Mame Beans

EYEUP CO., LTD.(Tokyo)

As part of its effort to promote dietary education through toys, EYEUP CO., LTD. implements product development with the aims to cultivate children’s curiosity in food they are familiar with while learning about Japanese dining etiquette and customs. Manners Mame Beans is a series of toys that lets you learn how to use chopsticks in a fun way. In Japan, there has been a custom to practice proper holding techniques of chopsticks by moving the soybeans placed in a plate one at a time into another plate. Making use of its idea and knowhow as a toy manufacturer, the company has turned such chopstick practice tradition into a fun game for children. Although the toy was primarily developed for children who struggle using chopsticks, the slippery and small plastic beans are quite difficult to pick so even adults get excited and enthused about. Manner Mame Beans series is appreciated by a wide range of customers because chopsticks that require manual dexterity also serves as an excellent brain training tool. In fact, demand from nursing homes has increased in recent years. The plastic beans are carefully designed and deformed so that they do not look real to prevent small children from ingesting by mistake. For example, each of the beans has a cute and friendly face to spark children’s interest. Picking up these small beans one by one from a bowl help enhance your chopstick skills. In addition, the toy offers various other activities including puzzle and shape matching game.

2020 2nd session Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Manner Beans
Manner Beans Takumi
Manner Beans (Large beans type)
Manner Beans (Large beans type, character versions)(Doraemon, Sumikko Gurashi, Pokémon, Winnie-the-Pooh, Thomas the Train)
Manner Beans Mame-Sushi
Manner Beans Mame-Sushi Portable
Manner Beans Fish
Manner Beans Tofu Sumikko Gurashi
JPY1,000 – JPY2,980
Manner Beans JPY1,900
Manner Beans Takumi JPY2,480
Manner Beans (Large beans type) JPY2,300
Manner Beans (Large beans type, character versions) (Doraemon, Sumikko Gurashi, Pokémon, Winnie-the-Pooh, Thomas the Train) JPY2,980
Manner Beans Mame-Sushi JPY2,980
Manner Beans Mame-Sushi Portable JPY1,000
Manner Beans Fish JPY2,980
Manner Beans Tofu Sumikko Gurashi JPY2,980