okaeri chopsticks

YAMACHIKU Co., Ltd.(Kumamoto)

Japan has a long history of chopsticks which were traditionally made of bamboo. In Japanese culture, eating in a beautiful manner without leaving leftovers is a way to show appreciation for the food and life. Light and supple chopsticks made of bamboo have been an indispensable tool in Japanese cuisine. However, wood or plastic have become the mainstream materials today and traditional chopsticks made of bamboo are gradually disappearing from the dining table. The product name “okaeri,” which means welcome back in Japanese, carries hope for bringing back the origin of chopsticks. The retro-looking chopsticks are inspired by simple bamboo chopsticks that were once used in many Japanese homes and restaurants. They have round handles while the part where you place fingers and the tip have a thin, square shape so that you can use them easily with less effort. Also, the word “okaeri” is an expression commonly used in family conversation at mealtimes. Designed to blend into people’s daily life, the chopsticks are available in various sizes that suit every member of the family. The package using “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter,” a Japanese fairy tale commonly known as “The Tale of Princess Kaguya,” as a motif makes it also an ideal gift for various occasions including celebratory events.

2020 2nd session Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
5 kinds
23cm (thick), 23cm (thin), 21cm. 18cm, 16cm
23cm (thick), 23cm (thin), 21cm JPY1,500 (excluding tax)
18cm, 16cm JPY1,300 (excluding tax)