Japanese Spirit IKI Face Mask


Produced by kikuichirin(KAIRI Co., Ltd.), a festival Hanten (Japanese traditional short coat) manufacturer, this product is a comfortable face mask that uses traditional Japanese weaving technology to make it easier to breathe while reducing stress. Based in the textile industry town of Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture, the company has made face masks using a fabric called ‘’Ro (silk gauze)’’ produced with a technique called Karami weaving, which has been popular and familiar from summer to fall in Japan. The company named its original fabric ‘’Tate-ro (vertical silk gauze),’’ which is woven with a watermark in the vertical direction. Tenjiku-cotton is then added inside this vertical silk gauze, and the ancient Japanese traditional pattern that has been loved for a long time from the Edo period to present day is applied. By combining the two layers so that the inner pattern can be seen through, the company aimed to create a face mask with a stylish and comfortable function that is uniquely Japanese that lets you enjoy the feel of the kimono layers. All pieces are carefully made by craftspeople in the town. Kikuichirin takes pride in producing items made 100% in Japan. Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the company strives to deliver a stylish face masks while helping those who are suffering from breathing difficulties when wearing a mask.

2020 2nd session Gold Award
Asanoha: Hemp leaf pattern
Ookagome: Large reticulated pattern
Matsukawa: Crust of the pine pattern
Adjustable elastic
Outside (black, white)
Inside (light green, dark blue)
JPY800 (excluding tax)