ceramic mimic fabric


Developed by Bunzan, an Arita-ware manufacture in Saga Prefecture, this ceramic mimic fabric tableware series is characterized by the gentle touch and feel of fabric while being surprisingly lightweight. The natural fabric pattern on the surface of the thin white porcelain is achieved using tebineri, the kiln’s traditional hand-building technique in which patterns are made by pressing linen to the items. While mass production and mechanization have taken over porcelain production in recent years, Bunzan has been remained faithful to traditional hand techniques to convey the warmth and uniqueness of handmade products that sit comfortably in your hand while allowing you to enjoy the changes in pattern as you hold it.
Tebineri is Bunzan’s unique method that was created in the early Showa era. Fabric is pressed on a hand-shaped piece of clay to create a natural fabric pattern on the surface of the thin porcelain. Made using such a technique, each piece of ceramic mimic fabric series is unique and one-of-a-kind. In addition, while Arita ware is known for the vivid coloration and overglaze enamels, ceramic mimic fabric series items are the exact opposite. They bring out the natural colors of the clay and no enamel is applied to achieve a sophisticated elegance.

2020 1st session Gold Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Beer mug (Plain, Gold, Platinum, KURO Gold)
Rocks glass (Plain, Gold, Platinum, KURO Gold)
Glass (Plain, Gold, Platinum)
Sake pitcher (Plain, Gold, Platinum)
Small plate (Plain, Gold, Platinum)
Flower vase: 3 patterns, 4 sizes (S, M, L, LL)
- Beer mug:
Plain JPY7,000
Gold, Platinum, KURO Gold JPY8,000
- Rocks glass:
Plain JPY5,000
Gold, Platinum, KURO Gold JPY6,000
- Glass:
Plain JPY3,000
Gold, Platinum JPY3,500
- Sake pitcher:
Plain JPY7,000
Gold, Platinum JPY8,000
- Small plate:
Plain JPY3,000
Gold, Platinum JPY3,500
- Flower vase
S JPY2,600
M JPY4,400
L JPY8,000
LL JPY10,000
(All excluding tax)