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Launched in Japan in the spring of 2019, Coristop is patented both in Japan and overseas as a healthcare product that alleviates pain around the body including shoulders, neck and lower back, by applying a 7.5mm diameter device on your body. While stiff shoulders are considered as one of the most common pain issues among Japanese people, a particular word to describe the symptom didn’t even exist in other countries until recently. However, due to the widespread use of smartphones, the number of people suffering from straight neck syndrome that causes headaches, sleep disorders and autonomic imbalances has risen, becoming a serious problem even among teenagers. Coristop aims at helping people who suffer from disorders associated with digitalization through a scientific approach using medical biological battery that completely differs from magnetic therapy. Because it is not a magnet, it can be used on the face to relieve swelling and help slim down your face by improving the blood stream while refining your skin tone. Certified as general medical device in Japan for its high level of safety, Coristop is widely appreciated by users in their teens to those in their eighties. In addition, two new types with increased usability are slated for release in 2020. Related patents have been already obtained and the products are currently in the testing stage.

Exceed Telomere Limits Planning Co.,Ltd.
2019 Award
Genre:Daily necessities
Approximately 22mm x 22mm x 1.5mm per tablet
Two colors (Red, Blue)
Net weight
10 patches per package
One package (for 15 days*1) JPY3,000
Regular purchase (two packages per month; for 30 days) JPY3,600 (JPY1,800 per package*2)
*1 When two tablets a day are applied on shoulders
*2 Available at 40% discounted price to allow long-term use. Purchase can be cancelled on a monthly basis