HITOE Short Wallet2 L-zip / Long Wallet2 L-zip


HITOE’s short wallet and long wallet make going out without carrying a bag possible. Functionality, portability, storage capacity―HITOE possess all these features to add convenience to your life. The short wallet fits easily in the back pocket of a pair of trousers. While other thin and compact wallets exist, some will only hold three to five cards, or the cards would drop out too easily, or the coin pockets are too small. In contrast, HITOE is thin but can hold plenty inside. Its simple structure achieves both thinness and excellent usability, while also storing notes without creasing them. The long wallet has the same thinness as the short wallet and can store twice the amount of bank notes and cards — an exceptional number of cards for such a thin wallet. Holding a smartphone, passport or bankbook inside would make a normal wallet too bulky, but HITOE makes this possible. In addition, while a shallow coin pocket may cause concern about coins dropping out when taking out a card, the special zippers on both wallets allow them to be used without risk.

2019 Award
Short wallet
Long wallet
Short wallet: JPY13,796
Long wallet: JPY17,500
*All excluding tax